Quarterly Care Workshop: Graffiti

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Thursday, November 21, 2019  •  5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
507 Barracks Street  •  on the sidewalk
Led by Bob Holmes

Learn safe ways to remove graffiti without doing damage to your historic structure and get information about VCC approved treatments that can make future maintenance more manageable!

FREE for members / $10 for non-members — limited space available.
Registration (for non-members) or R.S.V.P. (for members) required for admission – call 504.342.4760 or email brook@vccfoundation.org if you have any questions or need to check your membership status.

The new Quarterly Care Workshop series is designed to provide hands-on demonstrations and resources to property owners and caretakers about the nuts-and-bolts of architectural preservation. Maintenance is preservation – and proper maintenance will protect historic structures from untimely deterioration.

This fourth workshop will focus on graffiti protection and removal. Graffiti can often feel like a never-ending battle for some homeowners, especially in popular neighborhoods like the French Quarter. Many methods for removing graffiti can actually do serious harm to those beautiful bricks while protectants often damage the bricks because they don’t let them breathe. Protecting and properly cleaning your historic masonry preserves the character of the architecture, respects the exceptional craftsmanship of the original design, and keeps replacement costs down. This workshop covers the basics of identifying problems and troubleshooting repairs, to protect the building and the owner’s investment.

Thank you to HolmesCo Inc., Gates Preservation,  and the VCC Staff for assisting with the planning and execution of this important workshop.

This workshop series is part of a multi-tiered education initiative that will teach people of all ages and backgrounds about the value of the French Quarter’s architecture and proper stewardship of their historic structures through compliance with the Vieux Carré Design Guidelines. Our goal is to raise awareness of the French Quarter’s cultural, economic, and historical value, as well as to concretely educate people about the nuts-and-bolts of architectural preservation by way of demonstrations and resources to French Quarter stakeholders that directly yield value to the district’s distinctive character.

Space will be limited at many of the sites, so the workshops will be videotaped and available via our YouTube channel for future reference.