Storm Preparedness

We know storms are scary and stressful. Additionally, being the caretaker of a historic property in the Vieux Carré Historic District adds a layer of complexity. We want to help make it as easy for you as possible to be ready. Together with the Vieux Carré Commission, we’ve created this easy-to-read flyer to help you both prepare before the storm arrives as well as guide you through the steps for caring for your property after the storm leaves.

Download the Storm Ready Flyer

The best time to prepare for a hurricane is before hurricane season, but we know that hurricanes aren’t the only storms in our region. Each chapter of the Design Guidelines addresses storm preparedness that you can do seasonally and annually (ahead of hurricane season). Check out “Storm Preparedness” in the Index for all the ways you can prepare!

Design Guidelines

Vieux Carré Commission – Contact Information


The VCC Plans Examiners review and approve all work to the exterior of buildings located within the Vieux Carré Historic District. You may submit applications through the One Stop App or the One Stop Shop Permit Analysts.

Zone Assignments

Zones 1 & 4: Nicholas Albrecht and Marguerite Roberts

Zones 2 & 3: Erin Vogt and Noah A. Epstein

VCC Staff Contact Information

Bryan D. Block, Director:

Renee D. Bourgogne, Deputy Director:

Nicholas G. Albrecht, Senior Building Plans Examiner:

Erin B. Vogt, Senior Building Plans Examiner:

Marguerite Roberts, Building Inspector:

Noah A. Epstein, Building Inspector:

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