Hurricane Ida Updates

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Updates from the VCC

The Staff of the VCC is back in City Hall and is here to assist you while you secure and repair your property following Hurricane Ida.  We understand that many do not have yet have power or internet access and that securing property is of the utmost urgency.


We understand that many roofs will require replacement and that materials are limited.  As historic roofing materials are extremely important, especially in the Vieux Carré, it is imperative that replacement materials are appropriate to the specific building.  It is highly recommended that you replace roofing materials to match existing conditions. If that is not possible or you would like to use a better material, please reach out to VCC staff for advice.


If your chimney has been damaged, please call us out to inspect prior to removal.  If you have already had to remove the chimney due to significant damage, or if it collapsed during the storm, please let us know so that we may document the loss as a Hurricane Ida related loss.


If necessary, the VCC staff encourages the repair and replacement of windows to match the existing.  Window glass panes can be replaced without any approval from the VCC.  If you require new windows, please submit an application online or call us at 504-658-1429 so that we can assist you with installing the correct windows.

Other Items

All repair work that matches the existing condition can be approved at the staff level.  Please call us at 504-658-1429 or email us at so that we may help you get the approvals you need.

If you have internet access – you can apply online for a permit at  The VCC can issue over the counter approvals in 1-2 business days.

All of our Design Guidelines and Rules, policies and Procedures can be found at