Colors of the French Quarter

By Event

We partnered with Benjamin Moore and Helm Paint & Decoration to build an exciting, limited edition collection curated from Benjamin Moore’s larger collection of over 3,500 colors. Together, we created Colors of the French Quarter, a fun and accessible approach to historic preservation. The French Quarter holds the keys to the rich history of New Orleans and is essential to the understanding of American History. The distinctive character and ambiance of this neighborhood is romantic enough to draw in tourists and locals alike, but more importantly it tells the narrative of colonial and US history through spaces by allowing people to experience the story. Color plays an important role in both the ambiance and the storytelling.

This collection gives you a place to start when it comes to selecting paint colors for your home, but it is no way comprehensive or considered pre-approved. Don’t forget to get your permit before starting any paint project!

Earlier this year, we hosted a lecture that explored the history of color in the Vieux Carré Historic District, paint types, and current options available to French Quarter residents. That lecture can be found on our YouTube channel.

Watch the Lecture