VCC Architectural Committee Agenda and Meeting Materials – August 11, 2020

By News

The VCC Architectural Committee is holding the next meeting via conference call on August 11, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. This meeting will be held via teleconference. The properties on the agenda can be found on an interactive map HERE.

Here are the documents for the meeting (we will update this list if/when changes are made):


Meeting Materials

Property Reports

Teleconference Notice

To dial-in to the teleconference use:

Phone number (504) 658-7001

Access code: 996 909 604

For applicants, it is imperative that someone dial in to the meeting to answer questions or concerns of the Committee. If no one can call in to represent an application, the matter may be deferred. Please call in 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting, state your name, and mute your line until your property is heard; the Committee members will ask for comment from applicants or representatives on the call at that time.

The Committee will consider each application in the order of the scheduled agenda. Please note that there will be a 30-minute recess following the presentation of all the staff reports to allow for the submittal of public comment. If you would like to submit a public comment please submit it by email to The comments will be read to the Committee members prior to any motion or vote for each item. Please limit the length of your comments to what can be read within two minutes. An email will be sent out at the start of the 30-minute recess period which will include the time the meeting will reconvene to consider motions.

As a reminder, Committee approval does not constitute a permit; work may not begin until staff has given final approval and issued all necessary permits, which must be signed by the applicant or a representative before it is considered valid.